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In the wake of two New York City police officers being assassinated, Rudy Giuliani said that President Obama has engaged in “propaganda” encouraging people to “hate the police,” The Hill reports. Said Giuliani: “We´ve had four months of propaganda starting […]
“Tea party favorite Mike Lee roiled the GOP establishment four years ago when he knocked off a sitting senator on his way to the Republican Senate nomination in Utah. Now, the establishment might strike back,” Politico reports. “As the 43-year-old […]
“Jeb Bush´s announcement that he will explore a White House bid threatens years of painstaking spadework by other Republicans who have cultivated many of the wealthy donors loyal to the former Florida governor´s family,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Mr. […]
New York Times: “Though few Republican strategists expect Mr. Carson, 63, to be the nominee, they acknowledge his potential to throw a wrench into the establishment´s desire to unify early, and the danger of turning off moderates if his divisive […]
Former Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin warned that Russia will face a “full-blown economic crisis” next year that will cause a series of defaults and the loss of its investment grade credit rating, the Financial Times reports. Wonk Wire: Russian […]
Mother Jones notes the first person Jeb Bush followed on Twitter was none other than his brother’s former deputy chief of staff and political adviser, Karl Rove.
President Obama said that he will do “everything I can” to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Reuters reports. Said Obama: “It is something that continues to inspire jihadists and extremists around the world, the fact that […]
Washington Post: “Since his first year in office, in 2010, Christie has engaged in at least 14 raised-voice confrontations with regular people, often at town halls. These moments, played and replayed on YouTube, have become a defining characteristic of the […]
“With no love lost for Jeb Bush among the Republican base, the Iowa caucuses could be an early stumbling block in his 2016 quest,” The Hill reports. “The former Florida governor´s business-friendly stances and willingness to criticize GOP hard-liners make […]
A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds Hillary Clinton is off her peak but still overwhelmingly strong in support for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Clinton leads with 61%, followed by Joe Biden at 14% and Elizabeth Warren at […]

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